WaysConf 2023 Agenda

We have two days full of lectures and workshops ahead of us. Go to the detailed agenda of the conference.

During the conference, all speeches will be available in two languages - Polish and English. In each room, thanks to live interpreters, you will have a possibility to listen to the speeches in the language track of your choice via a radio (free of charge) which will be avaliable at a conference. For those attending the conference online - it will be possible to switch language versions during the lecture.

Ways edition



Research & Discovery

UX design is a story - how values can affect Your project

Using specific product discovery and service design solutions as an example, we'll talk about how a product can be impacted by appropriate discovery, research, and then leveraging design values for end-users. We will discuss the advantages and risks, how to combine the perspectives of different types of research, and - step by step - how to start using values as a design tool.

Research & Discovery

How to improve usability testing - quantitative methods and RITE

Are you struggling to convince the business about testing? Or is it your team that doesn't believe in testing in an agile environment? You write reports for the sake of writing, yet you'd like your research to have a real impact on the product design? Join Alex Dziewulska to learn how to conduct usability testing in agile projects, where a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods can impact research effectiveness, reliability, and replicability of results.

Discussion Panel

Technology and UX in times of climate crisis — what can we do differently?

As designers of digital products and services, we participate in the march of progress at the cost of contributing to global warming. Whilst energy usage skyrockets and technology takes over, we need to look for opportunities for sustainable growth. Or degrowth? What are our options on the verge of planetary collapse? How much of it are we responsible for, and how much of it is shaped by the attention economy and capitalism? Can we achieve digital sustainability without sacrificing convenience and changing the status quo? Join us to hear our guests discussing these topics and beyond.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Designing for Silver Economy - how to ensure the things we design empower and not exploit the ageing population

This talk is about design the behavioral side and the impact of the design on older people. With the increased aging population and the advent of technology, those over 60 might experience a digital divide. From our experience, this divide goes well beyond digital products, inclusive design for the elderly concerns many areas of their lives and experiences.

Design & Business

Always Measure Your Assumptions – Growth Design in Theory and Practice

During the lecture, we’ll explore a tried-and-tested approach to creating a stable and continuous product development strategy, one which allows you to balance out sweeping changes and moderate adjustments. We’ll examine how to blend design, marketing, programming, and data analytics to rapidly generate and validate ideas that directly grow your business and help inform future decisions.

Design & Business

Should a consultant be a bodybuilder?

Michał Madura will share how to sell your work by catering to customers' needs and focus on some examples and anti-examples. There will be some advice on the attitude of a consultant and an explanation of who a consultant actually is.

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September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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