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Volunteering at WaysConf offers a rewarding experience that contributes to the event's success. As a volunteer, you'll be part of a dynamic team with various responsibilities:

Wednesday Shift: Assist in setting up the event, arranging booths, and preparing the venue.

Thursday Shift: Help manage the event by guiding attendees, distributing gift packs, and offering support.

Friday Shift: Contribute to the event's smooth operation, assist attendees, and aid in post-conference cleanup.

You'll work under the guidance of our organizers and enjoy these perks:Access to World-Class Lectures:

Attend renowned lectures and learn from industry experts.

Guaranteed Meals: Enjoy complimentary meals and refreshments during your shifts.

Exclusive Swag Pack: Receive conference goodies as a token of appreciation.

Ready to be a part of WaysConf? Join us and make a valuable impact!

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