the ultimate closing event for everyone staying in Krakow!


Sep 20, 2024
StarT: 19:30

Will be announce soon

Join the Goodbye party

The Goodbye Party isn't just a post-conference wind-down—it's a vital continuation of the conference experience for all attendees. Here's why you shouldn't miss out:


It's the perfect informal setting to build on the connections you've made during the conference. Continue your conversations or start new ones amidst the festivities.


The Goodbye is a closed event, open only to WaysConf attendees and their friends. Enjoy an evening tailored specifically for our community.

Free beverages

Arrive early and grab a free beer! The first attendees will be treated to a complimentary drink as we kick off the party. Let's toast to new connections, knowledge, and the successful conclusion of WaysConf!

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