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DesignWays is now WaysConf.

We changed the name from DesignWays to WaysConf to reflect our mission and the conference's evolution. Our main goal has always been to promote unique and empowering conversations on digital design, and we realized that this involves professionals from various backgrounds, including researchers, designers, developers, and managers.

By renaming the conference WaysConf, we want to emphasize the inclusive nature of the event and point out that regardless of whether you are a researcher, designer, developer, or product owner, we are all working toward the same goal.

At WaysConf, we believe that digital product creation requires a collaboration of professionals from different backgrounds, including research, design, development, and management. Our mission is to promote unique and empowering conversations on digital design and bring together digital creators to share knowledge, network, and grow their careers.








Networking days



A brief history of WaysConf


Local Meetups for the Krakow Community

We began as a humble workshop for local designers in Krakow, providing free lectures and educational opportunities for people interested in digital design.

Concept Creation:
Community-Led Workshop

The popular local meetups led to a workshop that turned out huge success. It's also where the Krakow community came together to create the conference concept.


The First Edition of DesignWays

The first edition of DesignWays in September 2018 was a resounding success, with sold-out tickets and 330 attendees. It took place at the Krakowski Park Technologiczny and marked the beginning of a journey towards promoting unique and empowering conversations on digital design.

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The Second Edition of DesignWays: Expanding Horizons

The second edition of DesignWays in September 2019 was a huge success. We registered the company, changed the venue to the Expo, and broke all previous records by selling out tickets and hosting over 700 people. For the first time, we had speakers from outside of Poland. 

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Pandemic  - No conference

WaysConf's third edition was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and prioritizing the community's health and safety. Despite the challenges, we remained committed to providing the best experience for digital creators to connect, learn, and grow together

The Third Edition of DesignWays: Overcoming Challenges:

With the hybrid format, we were able to bring the WaysConf community together again (600 attendees in person and 200 online) in just 3 months after the government had lifted restrictions on holding events.

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The Fourth Edition of DesignWays: Breaking Attendance Records

In 2022, we finally had the opportunity to create a memorable event. We organized interpretation, invested in stages, promotion, and technology, and welcomed over 1500 attendees, including a higher number of people from abroad. In this edition, we also launched the DesignWays Awards.

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DesignWays becomes WaysConf

DesignWays changed its name to WaysConf because we realized developers and designers strive for digital innovation just as much. The new name symbolizes collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning among digital creators. The rebranding marked a breakthrough in our journey to create a platform for creative problem-solving and knowledge sharing


The Fifth Edition: WaysConf

WaysConf 2023 edition is set to bring together a diverse group of digital creators. We look forward to facilitating meaningful connections and fostering growth in the industry.

To bring digital creators together

WaysConf provides a networking platform for professionals with different backgrounds, including researchers, designers, developers, and managers.

To provide growth opportunities

WaysConf offers attendees the chance to gain new skills, expand their network, and grow their careers through interactive sessions, workshops, and keynotes from industry leaders.

To promote unique and empowering conversations

Our mission is to promote unique and empowering conversations about digital design by enabling some of the most prominent minds in the industry to come together and share their knowledge and insights.

To explore different perspectives

Digital product creation involves professionals from different backgrounds, and WaysConf provides a platform to explore these different perspectives and gain a deeper understanding of the creative process.

To keep up to date with the latest trends

WaysConf invites experts from around the world to share their knowledge and perspectives on the latest trends and best practices in digital product development.

To create the greatest community of digital creators

WaysConf attendees become a part of the largest community of digital creators in the CEE region and get an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and build lasting relationships.

Core team:

Anastasiia Plytka

Design Coordinator

Anastasiia is a dedicated and skilled professional who works at waysconf.com as a graphic coordinator and content team member. She contributes her experience and attention to detail, ensuring the conference's success.

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Bartosz Piasecki

Head of Marketing

Digital Marketing Manager at The Software House, owner of a digital agency - BartekPiasecki.com, marketing consultant, and paid advertising expert with 14 years of experience in B2B and B2C marketing.

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Denis Kostrzewa

Board Member

CEO & co-founder of Bejamas, where he leads a team of over 60 web product builders serving companies across 20 countries, including Fortune 500 enterprises. Bejamas has garnered recognition from Deloitte in its prestigious Fast 50 CE awards, solidifying its reputation as a premier provider of innovative web solutions.

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Edyta Pawelczyk

Customer Success Specialist

Edyta understands the importance of understanding customer needs and finding creative solutions to their problems. Her experience in communications and customer service has equipped her to approach each inquiry with empathy and sensitivity. Contact us at hello@waysconf.com and see how we can work together to bring ideas to life!

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Kacper Murzyn

Head of Design & Development

Kacper leads a design and development team. He focuses on promoting the no-code culture and spreading awareness of this concept. He always looks for ways to stay ahead of the curve and continues to drive innovation in design and development.

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Natalia Panek

Agenda Coordinator

A UX designer and problems challenger with a can-do attitude. She values user-centered design and a profound understanding of business needs. She joined WaysConf three years ago and has been active in topics related to the content side of the conference. Privately, she develops her musical skills by playing the violin in the AGH UST String Orchestra.

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Pola Ligaj

Head of Logistics

Pola is a highly social individual with 6 years of experience in event organization and currently working as a Product Owner. She is passionate about working with people, which drives her to continuously improve her skills and strive for excellence in event planning.

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Tom Krupa

CTO, Board Member

CTO at Bejamas - a tech company specializing in fast, secure websites and apps. Tom leads Bejamas' and WaysConf's technical strategies and ensures the company delivers top-notch solutions to clients. He's been a headless approach advocate for many years as he believes it's the future of web development.

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Tom Osowski

PM, Board Member

Tom is a professional with 8 years of experience in the events and tech industries. He is the founder of a successful dodonut.com agency and the creator of WaysConf. He has a proven ability to lead and excel in the industry.

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