WaysConf 2023 Agenda

We have two days full of lectures and workshops ahead of us. Go to the detailed agenda of the conference.

During the conference, all speeches will be available in two languages - Polish and English. In each room, thanks to live interpreters, you will have a possibility to listen to the speeches in the language track of your choice via a radio (free of charge) which will be avaliable at a conference. For those attending the conference online - it will be possible to switch language versions during the lecture.

Ways edition




The Fast Track to Web Design: Building a Site in 30 Minutes or Less

We’ll take a look into the latest tool for website design inspiration and quick development. We’ll take a look at our brief, design, and develop a site using increidble prototyping tools. We’ll include responsive designs, style guides, assets, and interactions.


The Artist Way to Leadership

Many organizations and communities have a technological debt, and they also have a leadership debt. When you join a new place, you are presented with an implicit and undefined set of assumptions on how to lead. I guess it is an amalgamation of the ghosts of the past and present leaders, with their good and bad habits amplified by the general organizational culture. So, it is safe to assume that there is no single answer to the question of what ‘good’ leadership is in a place you find yourself. Any answer you come up with is a good one as long as you feel that your approach suits you and helps others around you develop their potential. You probably already have a sense of what you appreciate about the leaders, supervisors, and managers you met on your path so far and what you want to avoid at any cost. Let's unpack how to find out what leader you want to become.


Generative AI for UX Writers and Designers

About the impact of ChatGPT and other AI tools on UX writing. Generative AI is revolutionizing the way writers in the tech industry create content. With the help of AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, writers, designers, researchers and any person on earth basically can generate high-quality, original content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Research & Discovery

Building relationship with your users

In this talk, I’ll share how we decided to venture on the transition journey together with our customers and created a safe space with them to explore ideas, spar concepts, and accelerate decision-making. I’ll also share what worked, what didn’t, and why you should always have plan C for every meeting.

Discussion Panel

What? How? Why? - about the role of research in building digital products.

Research has settled in for good in the world of design. Their role and influence is constantly growing, and researchers and researchers are more and more often invited to the processes of shaping business goals and priorities. At the panel, we will talk about new challenges faced by researchers and look for good practices that may facilitate our next research process.

Research & Discovery

Insight driven product - how to ask users and don't suggest answers?

The presentation is a collection of practical tips (with examples of ups and downs) on qualitative research and mitigating mistakes. Joanna Gierasimiuk will cover the most common situations and questions a researcher gets asked. The speech is a sort of answer to the question: how to interview users and make as few suggestions as possible? 

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September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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