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Agnieszka Zygmunt

Lead UX Researcher at 10clouds

UX Researcher and Service designer with an Industrial Design background. For years Agnieszka had been performing analyzes, conducting research and experiments, designing services. In recent years, she carried out research activities in a full cross-section of industries (from NGO and education, through design, to FinTech and Virtual Reality). Her specialization is research, especially in the Product Discovery phase, where we operate on the largest number of unknowns, combining user and business needs. On a daily basis, Lead UX Researcher at 10Clouds, where she helps discover the needs of recipients in innovative products, and lead a team of talented UX specialists. After hours, co-creator of the podcast Proste Rozmowy, in which she breaks social taboos.

Agnieszka Zygmunt


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Long Lecture
Research & Discovery

UX design is a story - how values can affect Your project

In research and design activities for new solutions, values are still very often underestimated or treated only as high-level assumptions. We focus on functionality, technical assumptions and we look for innovation, forgetting that using value as a design tool can give the same products a completely different face.

Using specific product discovery and service design solutions as an example, we'll talk about how a product can be impacted by appropriate discovery, research, and then leveraging design values for end-users. We will discuss the advantages and risks, how to combine the perspectives of different types of research, and - step by step - how to start using values as a design tool.

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Discussion Panel
Discussion Panel

Technology and UX in times of climate crisis ÔÇö what can we do differently?

Our planet is becoming warmer than ever. Global social and economical issues surrounding the climate crisis are on the rise. As designers of digital products and services, we participate in the march of progress at the cost of contributing to global warming. Whilst energy usage skyrockets and technology takes over, we need to look for opportunities for sustainable growth. Or degrowth? What are our options on the verge of planetary collapse? How much of it are we responsible for, and how much of it is shaped by the attention economy and capitalism? Can we achieve digital sustainability without sacrificing convenience and changing the status quo? Join us to hear our guests discussing these topics and beyond.

Wojtek Kutyla will moderate an insightful discussion between a number of experts representing influential digital organisations.

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Agnieszka Zygmunt




DAOs, czyli jak projektowa─ç w nowej rzeczywisto┼Ťci

DAOs, czyli zdecentralizowane autonomiczne organizacje, obok NFT i innych rozwi─ůza┼ä opartych na blockchainie, realnie zaczynaj─ů kszta┼étowa─ç nasz─ů rzeczywisto┼Ť─ç. Jakie wyzwania i problemy stoj─ů przed nami w wypadku projektowania tego typu rozwi─ůza┼ä w Web 3.0?

Podczas warsztatu skupimy si─Ö na tym jak zaprojektowa─ç koncept DAO, oparty wok├│┼é wybranych celi lub warto┼Ťci. Pracuj─ůc w ma┼éych grupach, za pomoc─ů przygotowanych narz─Ödzi projektowych i materia┼é├│w, stworzymy schematy organizacji, plan dzia┼éa┼ä oraz odkryjemy ryzyka, kt├│re b─Öd─ů przed nami sta┼éy. Poza praktycznymi zadaniami zwi─ůzanymi z service design, poruszamy r├│wnie┼╝ tematy z zakresu etyki oraz zagro┼╝e┼ä projektowych i spo┼éecznych, wynikaj─ůcych z nowej technologii.

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September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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