Wojtek Kutyła

User Experience and Accessibility Specialist

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Agnieszka Zygmunt

Lead UX Researcher at 10clouds

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Tamara Bińczak

Senior Expert Innovation Lead – ESG Innovation at ING Bank Śląski S.A

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Sebastian Gier

Founder of Footprint

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Piotrek Kmita

Head of Design at Ramp

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Technology and UX in times of climate crisis — what can we do differently?

Discussion Panel
Discussion Panel
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Our planet is becoming warmer than ever. Global social and economical issues surrounding the climate crisis are on the rise. As designers of digital products and services, we participate in the march of progress at the cost of contributing to global warming. Whilst energy usage skyrockets and technology takes over, we need to look for opportunities for sustainable growth. Or degrowth? What are our options on the verge of planetary collapse? How much of it are we responsible for, and how much of it is shaped by the attention economy and capitalism? Can we achieve digital sustainability without sacrificing convenience and changing the status quo? Join us to hear our guests discussing these topics and beyond.

Wojtek Kutyla will moderate an insightful discussion between a number of experts representing influential digital organisations.

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