Kajtek Wuttkowski

Product Designer & Researcher at HCM Deck

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Joanna Gierasimiuk

Senior UX Designer & Researcher at Sparing Digital

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Alex Dziewulska

Head of product design apptension, Chapter Lead/Principal UX Designer, SWPS Wykładowca UXD studia podyplomowe,

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Krzysztof Miotk

Co-owner of the UX agency "Quale" and podcast "UX po Godzinach"

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What? How? Why? - about the role of research in building digital products.

Discussion Panel
Discussion Panel
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Research has settled in for good in the world of design. Their role and influence is constantly growing, and researchers and researchers are more and more often invited to the processes of shaping business goals and priorities. At the panel, we will talk about new challenges faced by researchers and look for good practices that may facilitate our next research process.

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Discussion Panel


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