Marcin Krzanicki

Senior UX Designer at Ocado Technology

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Will curiosity kill the cat? From data swamps to data lakes

Long Lecture
UX Product Design
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"Data is the new oil of the digital economy." That may be so, but in order to get something from this oil, it has to be extracted, refined and delivered to the recipients. Every company at some stage has collected data... and collected ... and collected ... because... you know: Big Data. But often their vision of a beautiful crystal clear data lake ends up more like a murky pond, if not a swamp. If you try to navigate the swamp or find something in the depths, you'll sink.

Where is the data catalog in all this? Can a UX person survive in the world of events, objects, derived objects, data feeds ... and not go crazy (and who can help them)? Finally, why Sherlock wouldn’t have managed without Mrs. Hudson in the long run.

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