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UX Product Design

Designing for climate action


How can designers drive positive climate actions in the digital products they are designing? How do you design for sustainable actions and empower users to take positive action?

The talk will share learnings of designing many digital solutions to empower people for more positive climate actions with the climate tech startup Footprint and many insights from user research.

You will learn design principles and methods to leverage interactions into the creation process of your digital products - even if the products themselves are not primarily focused on sustainability.In addition, Sebastian will share learnings and stories from many global designers leaders collected through the podcast Designdrives.org and experiences working on sustainability solutions at BMW Group to make the design principles and methods tangible.

- The role of design in the context of sustainability, and which areas of the product development and innovation phase designers can get involved and make positive contributions to the final outcome.

- Methods and tools for designers to influence processes and general design approaches to come to different results. This will be visualized with different examples and insights from interviewing over 60 global design leaders.

- Practical insights and ideas on how to make a brand experience more sustainable and nudge user behavior and habits. Learnings from over 100 user research interviews from the climate tech startup Footprint.

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