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Design Strategy

The future of design


The operatives of design are constant. However the processes that drive design change in time. And designers either create new approaches to their work, either adapt to them. Nowadays design approach towards technology relies on processes as design thinking, google design sprint. We are empowering data and automatizing our toolbox. AI is hacking pieces of our job. It is the right way (e.g. I don't always believe in data driven approach)? How will our work look like in future? What will be the operatives of product and design? What will be the role of a Designer. How will we operate using the toolbox of tomorrow? When I started designing UX, most of us were still using floppy discs and CD ROMs. Now I design innovation for corporates. During my speech I will try to reflect my 16 years of researching and designing the UX distinguishing what's constant and what changes. I will take a look at the design of future.

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