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Accessibility & Inclusivity

Neurodiversity or what UX should know to (even better) design


The topic I would like to cover is a short 20 mins on autism among women and, in relation to this, anxiety disorder and how this affects design today.  This relates to the design of the digital world, which is inextricably linked to the real world. The topic of autism in women and neurodiversity is very niche and many people think they know what it's like - whereas I don't think, I know because I personally experience it - I have several neuroatypical traits and I'm keen to communicate to others what to look out for. When we design for neuroatypical people and/or people with anxiety disorders we are actually designing a very good information architecture, so we are designing for everyone. I will collect authentic examples of women and girls - how they perceive and cope in the (not only) digital world and show a collection of different examples related to anxiety disorder. That is, what UX should know to design (even better) inclusive design.

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