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Accessibility & Inclusivity

Making a mountain out of a molehill. Designing an application accessible to seniors.


I will share how I transformed a project aimed at adding a dark mode in the interface of an application for registering car entries in logistics parks into designing a solution accessible to seniors. The users of the application are security guards who work at security posts at night, opening and closing gates for cars. Initially, the most frequently reported problem was glare from the screen and problems with reading data in tables. During my research, I diagnosed a broader problem - the application needed to be adapted to senior users.

My talk will explore the fear and uncertainty experienced by users aged 60+ who are forced to navigate an increasingly digital world. I will address why they are often apprehensive about using applications, computers, and technology in general. I will also emphasize the importance of understanding the needs and problems faced by seniors in order to design effective solutions that cater to their unique requirements. Through empathy and skillful design of tools that seniors use at work, we - designers - can help them climb the "rocky hills" of technology.

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