Agata Majos

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Zuzanna Siodła

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How to minimize growing inequality in the age of migration - designing inclusive services

Long Lecture
Accessibility & Inclusivity
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🇵🇱 Polish
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Armed conflicts, climate crisis, growing inequality. The 21st century poses global challenges, and the inevitable consequence is an increasing number of people forced to flee their countries. Over the past year, we have also witnessed this in Poland.

In our talk, we will consider how we, UX designers, can respond to these challenges in daily work. We will present the results of research conducted among refugee communities in Poland. We will look at how they access health care, public transportation, or banking in the context of technology and user experience.

We'll consider how the design - often inadvertently - excludes certain groups of users from accessing critical services. We will also share best practices and recommendations for refugee-inclusive design.

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