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Sylwia Hull-Wosiek

Head of consulting at Concordia Design

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Sylwia Hull-Wosiek - Head of Consulting at Concordia Design, the author of Creativity + Thinking method, which has been developed by combining her experience, practice and observations from working as a design thinking facilitator, creativity coach and HRexpert. She actively supports the processes of designing innovative products, solutions and services by equipping teams and organizations with the most suitable and powerful tools and techniques. As a creativity coach and trainer, she fulfills her mission to help people find, recognize, develop and utilize their creative potential - she is convinced that everyone is creative and creativity is a core business competence. Sylwia believes in and fosters the power of diversity - as a certified FRIS consultant, she helps individuals uncover their strengths and supports building diverse and effective teams.

Sylwia Hull-Wosiek


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Long Lecture
Design Processes

5 ways to fail in the design process

Wonder why, despite the effort, commitment, and belief in the success of your products or services, you fail to bring them to market? Why don't customers buy them if they are perfect? Take a few steps back and analyze the design process once again. Check if you have taken all the stages into account. Or maybe you've become too attached to your idea and don't want to modify it even if research and test results indicate such a need?


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Sylwia Hull-Wosiek



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