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Olka Fiszbak-Biernat

Lead Product Designer at HTD

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For the last 5 years Olka has been creating solutions for the healthcare industry at HTD. Agile passionate. Mentor, speaker, and author of the blog Czas na Design. Olka loves to share her perspective on how to develop Designer competencies in the Agile world.

Olka Fiszbak-Biernat


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Power Talk
UX Product Design

Junior - Mid - Senior... and then what? What are the possible career development directions for a Senior Product Designer?

Typically, after reaching the level of a Senior UX/UI/Product Designer, it seems that team management is the only option. Yet, there are several other career paths besides the managerial role. 

What other paths can you take as an experienced designer? Which competencies and skills are worth acquiring to embark on each path? You will find inspiration for making such decisions in Olka's speech.

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Olka Fiszbak-Biernat



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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