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Nina Jurcic

Design manager, designOps & design systems consultant

Nina Jurcic is a multidisciplinary designer and product design leader who has spent adecade building apps, brands, B2B platforms, and design systems. In her mostrecent role at relayr, she helped establish the product design culture, steer productmoonshots and future narratives, and enable teams to deliver IIOT products at scalethrough the design system.

Nina positions herself as a coach or sparring partner who facilitates change andcross-functional collaboration, empowering design teams to deliver strategicoutcomes with a focus on growth, impact, collaboration, and efficiency.

Nina Jurcic


Long Lecture

Design rituals to unlock your teams' potential

Whether it's a morning routine, a historical tradition, or a religiousceremony, rituals play an essential role in shaping our identity and connecting us withothers. Likewise, rituals can serve as a powerful tool for building a strong designculture, promoting collaboration, and unlocking the team's potential to achieve betterdesign outcomes. In this talk, we're going to dive into the most important designerrituals out there, exploring how these shared experiences can bring chemistry,alignment, and collaboration to your team's creative process. And the best part?You'll learn how to design your very own ritual from scratch, including all the essentialingredients for success.

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Nina Jurcic



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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