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Mateusz Martyn

Grupa Pracuj, Discovery & Design Team Leader

A Product Designer and Team Leader with loads of experience in the UX area. He's currently at Grupa Pracuj, designing a service specifically for the IT industry called the:protocol. He previously worked on UX and research at the National Audiovisual Institute. Mateusz started out in the book industry, working for Biuro Literackie, where they not only worked with book typography but also designed their first websites (using Excel).

Mateusz Martyn


Power Talk
Product Strategy

How to build M❤️P (Minimum Loveable Product) instead MVP

"Love Will Forgive You Everything" but… "The whole point is that two want it at the same time." Entering the market with a product that users will immediately love is much more difficult than the classic MVP path, but this is the only way to gain market share today. What truly makes a product meet criteria of Minimum Loveable Product, and to what extent are they consistent with the classic MVP concept? This perspective is based on my experience working on a startup within a large organization.

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Mateusz Martyn



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