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Kuba Danecki

Head of UX Competence Center at BNP Paribas

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Service and UX designer, leader of the UX Center of Expertise in BNP Paribas. A specialist in promoting the value of design in corporations, for which he got two promotions. Terrible at drawing interfaces, for which he got fired two times.

Kuba Danecki


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Long Lecture
Design Strategy

From zero to hero: how we turned a team of two designers into a strategic UX Center of Expertise.

A case study on how we developed the team from two designers tasked with “doing design thinking” into a strategic asset at the heart of the digital transformation of the bank. I will share my experiences of navigating a huge corporate structure and building the understanding of the value of good UX design and of understanding the bureaucratic and regulatory environment that lead to developing the UX team.

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Kuba Danecki



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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