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Anna Nojek

CD Projekt RED, UX/UI Designer

I am UX Designer from Gdansk. And I am thrilled to be here! As a designer, I adapt to my audience, which I consider both users and the team I work with. I work on improving ways of better communication and giving value to cross-functional teams — in terms of products we build together, but also contributing to the environment where each voice is equally important. As a trainer, I share my skills and experience, helping to build a conscious UX generation of designers who believe they can do great things once they believe in themselves — and understand the importance of strong foundations.

Anna Nojek


Power Talk
Career development

Mentoring for Success: Fostering Growth and Support in UX Design and Beyond.

In this talk, participants will learn about the power of mentorship and support in shaping the next generation of UX designers. As a UX/UI designer trainer and UX/UI Designer, I will share personal experiences and practical tips for becoming a successful mentor and building a culture of support within cross-functional teams. They will also learn about the importance of building self-confidence in others and creating a supportive work environment. This talk is relevant not only to UX design, but also to other areas of the workplace. By sharing my own experiences and offering practical tips, I want to inspire the audience to become better mentors and more supportive colleagues, ultimately shaping the next generation of UX (and other) designers.

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Anna Nojek



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

Join us at WaysConf and be part of the digital revolution.
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