Seweryn Rudnicki

Co-founder and partner at Hearts&Heads

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Katarzyna Skoczek-Colombo

Customer Experience & Insights Manager at Omnisense

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User is no longer the king: exploring practice-centric design

Long Lecture
Inspirations & Mindset

Although it may sound like heresy, user-centered design is slowly becoming outdated and no longer suitable for the complex and dynamic world we live in. This creates space for new design approaches, such as practice-centric design. We will explain what it entails and showcase numerous concrete examples from projects where we have implemented it. In our opinion, a practice-centric approach allows for a better grasp of the context in which a product operates, leading to more profound insights. Interestingly, it is also easily embraced by both internal and external clients. So, are you ready to make the switch?

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