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Seweryn Rudnicki

Co-founder and partner at Hearts&Heads


Researcher, facilitator of creative sessions, trainer, speaker, author of books and articles. He is co-founder of Hearts & Heads - an agency that helps implement creativity techniques into business. He is also a permanent employee of AGH and an active researcher, working with universities in the Netherlands and Sweden. He has conducted over 200 creative sessions, including for organisations such as IKEA, Motorola Solutions, ABB, Hitachi, HSBC, Alior Bank, SAS, Brainly, K2, Admind, Żabka Future, Krakowski Park Technologiczny and many others. He enjoys working with technology organisations and anyone else for whom good ideas and their effective implementation matter.

Seweryn Rudnicki


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Inspirations & Mindset

User is no longer the king: exploring practice-centric design

Although it may sound like heresy, user-centered design is slowly becoming outdated and no longer suitable for the complex and dynamic world we live in. This creates space for new design approaches, such as practice-centric design. We will explain what it entails and showcase numerous concrete examples from projects where we have implemented it. In our opinion, a practice-centric approach allows for a better grasp of the context in which a product operates, leading to more profound insights. Interestingly, it is also easily embraced by both internal and external clients. So, are you ready to make the switch?

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Seweryn Rudnicki



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