Adam Jaworski

Agile + UX Transformation Lead at ABB

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How to sabotage your organization? Short tutorial and stories for designers

Power Talk
Design'ers Matter
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How does the micro world of designers effectively block the flow and generation of #value in companies? How can collaborative work be - intentionally or not - disorganized, sabotaged, and slowed down, which makes people upset? I will share my experience and tell a few stories about the paradoxes of collaboration between UXers and the rest of the people in the organization.

You will:

-> Get to know how to agilely and skillfully create an organization that serves no one and nothing but the designers themselves

-> Get the ability to recognize the oblivious actions that make design and designers have less impact on their companies than they should

-> Get a strong sense that design is a #teamsport, but teams are much more than just the designers themselves -

> Hear stories worth telling in the future over a beer

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