Ania Wojcieszczak

Design Operations Manager at Brainly

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Patrycja Rozmus

Senior Manager & Design System Lead at Brainly

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Laura Mata Garcia

UX Research Manager at Brainly

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Anna Piosik

Lead CX Product Designer, DesignCoE at Brainly

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Brainly Design Center of Excellence - Scale & Synergy

Long Lecture
Design Strategy
Talk is in:
🇬🇧 English
Date & Time:
September 4, 2023 9:30 AM

Being part of a hyper-growing IT organization can be challenging; you need to scale your design team while ensuring your objectives and goals are aligned with your project stakeholders, all while achieving the best possible design quality. If this amount of work sounds both familiar and daunting, then consider creating a Design Center of Excellence.

Having clearly defined roles and responsibilities for everyone involved while taking a growth-oriented approach that focuses on standards and adapting to changes might answer most of your struggles.

We, at Brainly, are happy to share our insights on how we manage design challenges by using a domain-oriented perspective to achieve our common goal.

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