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Surfacing hidden information: make better decisions by leveraging the unseen

02h 45m
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Our goal is to streamline the decision making process by conveying the significance of hidden information in avoiding common judgment errors, ensuring that every decision is comprehensive and well-informed. We’d like to organise a workshop session during which we’ll attempt to unravel the complexities of group decision-making by spotlighting the buried information that's often overlooked. We'll kick things off with a short theoretical intro, setting the stage for a thought-provoking interactive game. Following that, the groups will have the chance to share their insights, discuss approach and learn from their missteps. This session will cover common pitfalls, showcase real-life examples, and equip the participants with strategies to uncover and utilize hidden data for superior decision-making.

WORKSHOP lead by

Natalia Urbańska

Sr Product Consultant at STX Next

Jinder Kang

Consultant at Stanford Seed

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