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Piotr Schmidtke

.intent, Senior UX Designer

I finished cultural studies and then took a roundabout way through translating, coordinating translations, and managing projects until I settled in the field of UX. I love looking for challenges and solving them through design. I enjoy the diversity of the UX environment and the designers themselves. I'm against producing digital trash and pointless solutions to problems nobody has. I agree with Jared Spool that design is the rendering of intent, and I believe that the intent should be to do something meaningful and not just something that's possible.

Piotr Schmidtke


Power Talk
Career development

Mid-life crisis: how to survive being a mid and not rage quit

Breaking into the design industry is hard and getting harder still. Unfortunately, that’s only the first hurdle. Dropping the “junior” is a big achievement, but it’s also a gateway to a new, challenging environment. In my talk I’ll share my experience and thoughts on the mid-journey: what are the obstacles, how to tackle them, plan your career, job-hunt, and develop your skills. I’ll also dispel some myths regarding the required skills and following The Design Process™.

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Piotr Schmidtke



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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