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Marta Dabrowka

Software Engineer at Trustpilot


Full-stack web developer with a keen eye for accessible, user-centric and sustainable solutions. Mentor to career-changers and early career developers. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Marta Dabrowka


Long Lecture

Divs may not apply - the beauty of semantic HTML

As front-end developers writing modern web applications, we often forget that a deep knowledge of HTML is a skill to be honed. The result is that the huge majority of digital products have invalid HTML, which results in accessibility issues. In her talk, Marta will show you how to start taking HTML seriously by showcasing how to implement some very common semantic elements along with those less common ones. She will explain why this matters and share strategies on how to keep your skills fresh.

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Marta Dabrowka




Accessibility testing tools: how to use them and why you can’t rely on them alone

In this workshop, Wojtek and Marta will teach you how to use some of the most popular free accessibility testing tools. We will focus on manual testing, browser plugins and CI tools. We will also discuss the limitations of automated accessibility testing.

We will discuss:

  • The pros and cons of manual testing,
  • Most commonly used browser accessibility testing plugins,
  • The use of contrast checkers and HTML validators,
  • CI (Continuous Integration) tools for checking accessibility,

Expanding on automated and manual testing by accessibility testing with real users.

If you join us, you will:

  • Have a chance to learn professional methods of working with accessibility,
  • Try out some of them yourself,
  • Ask questions and brainstorm answers in a friendly atmosphere.

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