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Maria Blecharz

Digital Innovation Taitava at Socjomania


Designer creating user-centered solutions. Provides market analysis on trends and new initiatives, conducts research and identifies needs. Pinpoints gaps in the service and indicates the direction of the brand strategy.

Maria Blecharz


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Long Lecture
Design Processes

How Service Design methodology helps design an effective research process - a case study of the Donateo x Socjomania project

In this talk, we will study the case of a project that shows how the Service Design methodology can help design an effective research process. The process not only illustrates consumer perceptions of the product. It also adds value and identifies areas for development in the overall service.

In designing the research process, we looked at Donateo's offering not just as a product, but as a full-scale service, where the physical artifacts are only one component, and the layer of the final customer's habits, beliefs and experiences determines the most important thing - whether they will use the solution. We designed the research to evaluate the product, map customer experience, and identify potential gaps and opportunities for the service. We will talk in detail about how we approached the challenge of designing the research in the vein of Service Design. We will outline how Service Design values guided us through the process. We will also explain how data helped identify business risks and opportunities for Donate

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Maria Blecharz



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