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Magdalena Błaszczyk

Senior UX Designer at QIAGEN


I'm an experienced UX Designer with a background in Graphic Design and Front-end development. I specialize in creating user-centered experiences, working on projects such as e-commerce optimization and software development. With a passion for mentoring, I offer training and guidance to aspiring UX Designers, helping them to learn the skills they need to succeed. In my free time, I enjoy creating hand-work art and reading adventure books, which helps me to stay creative and inspired. I'm always looking for new challenges, and I'm committed to making a positive impact through my work.

Magdalena Błaszczyk


Long Lecture
UX Design

Exploring the Ethics of Dark Patterns in UX Design: Balancing Business Goals with User Trust and Loyalty

In this presentation, we will explore the use of dark patterns in UX design and discuss their potential impact on users. We will examine the different types of dark patterns, such as false urgency, sneak into basket, and bait and switch, and discuss their effectiveness in achieving business goals. We will also discuss the ethical implications of using dark patterns and consider how they can undermine user trust and loyalty. Finally, we will offer some tips for designing user experiences that are both effective and ethical, and discuss how designers can balance business goals with user needs and expectations.

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Magdalena Błaszczyk



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