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Filip Makowiecki

Strategy Lead at Cogision


Strategist and designer. He worked for industries as diverse as banking, acoustic furniture, healthcare, social archives, gaming, and telecommunications. He teaches at SWPS University. Together with his team at Cogision - winner of the DesignWays Award and finalist of the Service Design Award. Improviser and songwriter.

Filip Makowiecki


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Filip Makowiecki




Intro to improv (In product design and product management)

In design-related fields, we can observe the tendency for over-preparedness. Whether it comes from the curse of perfectionism or is an effect of impostor syndrome, learning the ropes of improv might help you reach new heights as a designer, researcher, or product manager.
During the workshops, we’ll show the basic concept of improv from the perspective of a seasoned improviser (Ewa) and a designer who’s only recently fallen in love with improv (Filip)
We’ll practice:
- being present here and now (important in every project),
- creating ideas based on minimal information/inspiration (very Lean!),
- being flexible and open to constant change (so Agile!),
- active listening and building upon someone’s else ideas with the “yes’and” rule (Design Thinking at its finest),
- treating every mistake as a gift and a chance for new experiments (hi there, Product Discovery practitioners!).
Our fast-paced and slides-free workshop will be based on improv games, sometimes transformed to better fit the design processes and workshops, that you can implement in your work nearly right away.

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Splątane problemy i brzytwa analogii

Warsztat jest wyzwaniem rzuconym benchmarkingowi. Poeksperymentujemy z poszukiwaniem analogii, które pozwalają lepiej zrozumieć splątane (wicked) problemy i tworzyć lepsze rozwiązania.

Pokażę, jak wprowadzać techniki szukania analogii na różnych etapach procesu projektowego. Skupimy się jednak na generowaniu pomysłów - im trudniejsze wyzwanie, tym częściej dobra analogia sprawia, że stajemy się Aleksandrem Macedońskim w starciu z węzłem gordyjskim.

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