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Brian Rinaldi

Developer Experience Engineer / LaunchDarkly


Brian Rinaldi is a Developer Experience Engineer at LaunchDarkly with over 20 years experience as a developer for the web. Brian is actively involved in the community running developer meetups via and Orlando Devs. He’s the editor of the Jamstacked newsletter and co-author of The Jamstack Book from Manning.

Brian Rinaldi


Long Lecture

What You Need to Know About the Serverless Edge

If you listen to the hype, everything is moving to the "edge!" First we started deploying our apps and assets there and now our functions are moving there and even our data is migrating there. If you're wondering how the edge applies to you and your app, this session will break it down. We'll cover what we mean by the edge, whether the edge lives up to its lofty promises and ways you can get started using edge functions and edge data to improve your application.

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Brian Rinaldi



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