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Alicja Łagodzińska

Customer Success Manager at The Software House

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I like to send out smiles and positive vibes and contribute all that’s good to society. I share my knowledge of accessibility because I want the digital world to be open to everyone without exception.

Alicja Łagodzińska


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Power Talk
Accessibility & Inclusivity

You don’t implement accessibility — you start from it

Accessibility, a11y, WCAG... A bunch of designers and developers feel these are optional extras for a project. But caring for accessible user experience transforms the internet into a friendly place for all.

Can you see the content of your mobile app on a sunny day? Are the buttons bulk enough to notice and click them for regular users and the short-sighted or seniors? And if I break my right hand, will I be able to surf through the app’s navigation with my left one?

Lastly — is accessibility needless buzz or an actual requirement?

Don’t assume you can take apart an app ‌right now to make it friendlier. Designers should work on accessibility before they design the first mockup and when teammates create content, the branding, and the code. That’s why they need to grasp how different work areas in a project connect and influence the end-result accessibility.

So how can you start with accessibility and lead a process that you start and end spot-on? Alicja Łagodzińska will be #CrossingPerspectives to debate business vs design, exploring plenty of their personal stories based on real projects and real human needs.

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Alicja Łagodzińska



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