Speaker Requirements and Guidelines

  1. Individuals desiring to speak at the WaysConf conference which shall take place at the International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Krakow,  located at Galicyjska 9, Cracow, Poland between September 19th and 20th 2024 (the “Applicants”) must sign up as a speaker and provide detailed information in the registration form. The registration form can be found here.
  2. The conference is organised by DesignWays Conf spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością a Polish limited liability company, with its seat in Kraków, al. Powstania Warszawskiego 15, 31-539, Kraków, registered in National Court Register kept by the District Court in Kraków, XI Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under company number 0000774156, NIP 6772442132, REGON 382692430, with the share capital amounting to PLN 10.000,00 (“WaysConf”).
  3. Registration starts on 06.03.2024 and ends 03.04.2024
  4. The registration forms received after the above deadline shall be deemed ineligible and void.
  5. If the registration form does not include all the required information, in particular relating to the title of the lecture or biographical note, it shall be deemed ineligible and void.
  6. The Applicant may propose in an additional separate registration form an additional subject of the lecture. 
  7. By sending the registration form the Applicant confirms his will and obligation to attend in person the conference in the role of a speaker.
  8. Only shortlisted candidates for speakers will be contacted. WaysConf  shall review all information submitted in the registration forms and shall choose speakers which, in its sole discretion, considers the best for the WaysConf conference, in particular after taking into consideration the biographical note and the subject of the lecture suggested in the registration form. The final number of speakers shall be determined by Waysconf in its sole discretion. 
  9. Accepted speakers (”Speakers” or individually a “Speaker”) will be notified before 30.06.2024 and will receive an email with information about the selected format for their contribution, preparation and delivery of further material and next steps.
  10. The final title and the scope of lecture shall be mutually agreed by the speaker and WaysConf.
  11. The Speaker shall receive a remuneration for the performed lecture. The amount of such remuneration and all associated details shall be mutually agreed via email and handled on an individual basis. In such a case, the Speaker shall issue an invoice within fourteen days after the conference has taken place and send it to WaysConf by email with delivery receipt. The remuneration will be paid no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the correctly issued invoice has been delivered to WaysConf. 
  12. The remuneration shall not apply to sponsors, speakers residing in Cracow, Poland or speakers promoting services or products during their lecture.
  13. If the parties fail to agree the Speaker's remuneration in writing (email acceptable) before the conference date, the Speaker will not be allowed to attend the conference.
  14. Speakers will have access to all conference days, events, materials, tea, coffee and catering food distributed during the conference.
  15. Each Speaker is obliged to provide WaysConf, before the conference, immediately upon Waysconf’s request, all the materials necessary for the presentation and promotion of the lecture, including the Speaker’s picture.
  16. WaysConf reserves the right to change the manner of holding the conference (stationary, hybrid, online) if holding the conference in the stationary manner is impossible or excessively difficult for reasons beyond the WaysConf's control, in particular due to restrictions and bans connected with the pandemic. 
  17. Upon mutual consent, WaysConf reserves the right to make changes to the program of the conference, including the right to change the time schedule and the order of appearances. 
  18. By accepting these WaysConf Speaker Requirements and Guidelines, the Speaker hereby consents that WaysConf will record the course of the conference with sound and image recording devices, including each speaker’s lecture for commercial, promotional and informational purposes and documentation of the conference. Before the conference each Speaker shall sign a separate consent relating to the use of the speaker’s image in connection with the Speaker’s participation in the conference and its lecture.
  19. Within two weeks after the conference each Speaker shall receive a photo and video containing the Speaker’s lecture which can be used for the Speaker’s own promotional use.
  20. The Speaker is fully responsible for the form and content of the lecture. 
  21. The Speaker undertakes to prepare and present the lecture that will not infringe upon the rights of third parties, contain views inciting hatred or discrimination against any people on the basis of race, culture, ethnicity or religion. 
  22. If it turns out that the lecture infringes the rights of third parties, the Speaker assumes responsibility for any consequences of possible infringement of the rights of third parties, and WaysConf is entitled to claim compensation from the Speaker for the incurred losses and damages suffered.
  23. By accepting these WaysConf Speaker Requirements and Guidelines the Speaker grants their consent for the online streaming of the lecture, recording of the lecture as well as recording in compilation with other lectures.
  24. By accepting these WaysConf Speaker Requirements and Guidelines, the Speaker grants WaysConf an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, unrestricted, transferable, royalty-free, free of charge (with no licensing fee) and worldwide right to use, execute, copy, reproduce, develop, perform, make, produce, exploit, modify, record, maintain, sell, market, promote, distribute, export, import, transmit, broadcast, stream and sub-license the lecture created and presented by the Speaker during the WaysConf conference and the materials mentioned in point 15 above, with the right to grant a sublicense of the same scope as the licence to use the lecture and such materials, in whole or in part, independently, as well as part of a collective work, in combination with works and elements freely selected by WaysConf, with the right to exercise derivative rights, develop, adapt and use all materials, graphics, fragments, shots, documentation created before, during and after the conference, for Waysconf’s commercial, promotional and information purposes, also in relation to the future conferences organised by Waysconf, including in particular the use of the Speaker’s lecture and the materials (including the Speaker’s image) mentioned in point 15 above for promotion of Waysconf and the Waysconf’s conference on the Internet, the Waysconf’s website and social media, such as for example YouTube. The licence referred to in above is granted to WaysConf automatically upon creation of the lecture and the materials mentioned in point 15 above and covers the use of the lecture and such materials, in particular in the following fields of exploitation: a) use, display, transfer and storage, regardless of format, system or standard, (b) online streaming or permanent or temporary recording or multiplying of lecture, in whole or in part, by any means and in any form, regardless of format, system or standard, including inputting in the computer's memory and permanent or temporary recording or multiplying of such recordings, including making copies of them and any use and disposal of such copies, audiovisual recordings, other recordings in unlimited copies and editions, c) placing on the market, lending or renting the original or copies, d) creating new versions and adaptations (translation, adaptation, arrangement or any other change) e) for other dissemination: public performance rights; right to public exposing; right to public display; right to public replaying; right to multiple broadcasting; right to free and paid sharing, also for the general reception of users of these networks in their chosen place and time, including for interactive play with the audience; f) distribution in the Internet and in closed networks; g) translation, adaptation or any other modification, h) the right to determine the titles of the works under which they will be used or disseminated i) the right to use works for marketing or promotion purposes, including advertising, as well as for the designation or identification of products and services and other forms of activity, and for educational or training purposes.
  25. The Speaker shall indemnify, release, defend, and hold harmless the Waysconf, its directors, officers and employees from and against any and all claims, demands, causes of action, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of a third party claim, action, or proceeding, based directly or indirectly on any breach of Speaker's warranties contained herein or arising from or relating to Speaker's performance under these WaysConf Speaker Requirements and Guidelines. 
  26. If there is no contact with the Speaker longer than for two weeks or Waysconf has reasonable suspicion that the Speaker may not show up during the Waysconf conference or that the lecture will be not be presented in a professional manner or the Speaker is in breach of any of the warranties contained herein, Waysconf reserves the right to cancel the Speaker’s appearance during the conference. In such a case the Speaker shall not be entitled to any remuneration.
  27. In the event of resignation from participation in the conference, the Speaker is obliged to immediately inform Waysconf by sending relevant information. In such a case the Speaker shall not be entitled to any remuneration.
  28. These WaysConf Speaker Requirements and Guidelines shall be governed by the Polish law. Any disputes shall be brought in the courts of Poland, Kraków and the parties consent to the personal jurisdiction and venue of these courts.
  29. Should you have any questions or difficulties submitting the registration form, you can always contact us at hello@waysconf.com