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Submissions are accepted until 23:59 on April 4, 2024.

Application from is in English, but if you need, you can fill answers in Polish.

You are allowed to submit more than one application with different talks and workshops.

Check our speakers Terms & Conditions.

How we process GDPR Data.

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If you have already performed at any conference, have a blog, write articles or record podcasts, then share your work with us - paste the link to those below.

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TALK info

Do you want to share your knowledge in a form of a talk?
We want your talk to be set of practical advice and exercises for our audience. Our participants should leave it with a homework and guidelines how to develop further in the presented area.

If you need any guidance or prefer to consult the subject - feel free to contact us on below e-mail address:

Confirm if you are willing to conduct your speech in English
What is the subject of your presentation?

Briefly describe your speech. What is its purpose, what do you want to convey, why do you think this topic is important. Here you can also provide us with a framework of the presentation, how it will look like.

Which specialization does your topic fit best?
In which path should your topic be placed?
In which path should your topic be placed?
In which path should your topic be placed?
In which path should your topic be placed?
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On a scale from 1 to 5 how would you describe the level of audience to whom your subject is addressed?

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Has your topic ever been presented before on other conferences or events?

Where was it? Do you have any video or other media from this event?

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GDPR & more

do you have any comments about the upcoming edition?
do you know someone that would be a perfect FIT for our conference?

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Thank you for submitting your call for papers. We appreciate your interest in sharing your knowledge and insights with our audience. You will receive a confirmation email shortly to confirm the receipt of your submission.

See you at WaysConf 2024

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