PitchMeBabe Contest

Win Strategy Worth 50k and MVP Development Opportunity

Step up your startup game with Pitch Me Babe, where you can pitch your innovative ideas and compete for an exclusive strategy package valued at 50k. Plus, seize the opportunity to win up to 100k for MVP development. Don't miss your chance to secure invaluable resources and propel your startup to success at WaysConf.

Organizer of PitchMeBabe

Pitch me Baby, One More Time'

PitchMeBaby is a recurring event for founders and startups looking for feedback on their pitches. Powered by Accelpoint, a leading Polish startup accelerator in cooperation with other accelerators, VC funds, Business Angels, startup mentors, advisors and fellow startupers. The main idea behind Pitch Me Baby is to improve the quality of public speaking among startup founders and create a friendly space for business networking. The event is organized in key technology hubs across Poland.

The Pitch Contest at WaysConf is a part of the PitchMeBabe series. Join us at our conference and compete to win a strategy package worth 50k PLN, developed in collaboration with Louder&Higher. The winner will also receive a ticket to the grand finale in Warsaw, where you'll have the chance to secure up to 100k PLN for the realization of your MVP.

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Main organiser

For who?

There are a total of 14 slots available for participants in the Pitch Me Baby contest.

Idea Stage :

Pitch Me Baby welcomes founders with innovative ideas at the early stage of development. Get feedback and validation for your concept.

PoC Projects

Showcase your proof-of-concept projects and gather valuable insights at Pitch Me Baby.

Internal Projects

Pitch Me Baby welcomes internal initiatives and projects within organizations. Showcase your innovation, gain insights, and explore collaborations. Join us to pitch your internal project and receive valuable feedback.

MVP Startups

Present your minimum viable product, receive feedback, and explore growth opportunities.

Early-stage Startups

Pitch Me Baby offers a platform for early-stage startups to pitch, receive feedback, and seek collaborations.


How it works

Elevate your startup idea to new heights with Pitch Me Baby. Enter the competition, compete against other innovative entrepreneurs, and seize the opportunity to win big. As the winner of the WaysConf Competition, you'll receive a strategy package valued at 50k and have the chance to secure 100k for the realization of your MVP in the finals held in Warsaw. Don't miss your shot at success – join Pitch Me Baby and make your startup dreams a reality.

now - Aug 9th,2023

Submit your idea

Apply to Pitch Me Baby by sharing your startup idea and pitch deck. Let us know about your innovative concept and why it deserves to be recognized.

Apply to PitchMeBaby
Sep 4-5th

WaysConf Contest

Pitch your startup idea in the local part of Pitch Me Baby at WaysConf. Each participant gets 5 minutes to pitch, followed by feedback from the audience. The winner of this stage will receive a strategy package valued at 50k PLN and a chance to attend the grand finale in Warsaw.

December 2023

Warsaw finals

If you are selected as a finalist, you will have the opportunity to pitch your startup in the grand finals in Warsaw in December. Showcase your project to a larger audience and esteemed judges.

December 2023

MVP realization

The winner of the grand finals will receive a prize of 100k PLN for the realization of their MVP.

Reward for Winning


The winner of the Pitch Contest at WaysConf will receive a valuable prize worth 50k PLN. The selection of the winner will be made by the organizers of WaysConf and the agency Louder&Higher.

Louder & Higher, a global creative marketing agency with branches in Italy, Canada, and the Czech Republic, sponsors the main prize for the Pitch Me Baby contest. Their expertise in creative marketing strategies supports the growth and success of startups, helping them elevate their brand and achieve their business goals.

Personit is a leading company specializing in UX, low-code, and no-code development. As a key partner for the grand finale of Pitch Me Baby, Personit brings extensive expertise in implementing MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) for startups. With their focus on user experience and leveraging low-code and no-code platforms, Personit empowers startups to bring their ideas to life and deliver innovative digital solutions.

The winner will receive:

Strategy Workshop

Collaborate with our partner, Louder & Higher, in a valuable strategy workshop to refine your business strategy and strengthen your brand presence.

Strategy Package Worth 50k PLN

Enjoy a comprehensive strategy package valued at 50k PLN, including competitor analysis, market research, goal prioritization, and more.

Ticket to the Grand Finals

Secure a ticket to the grand finals in Warsaw, where you'll have the chance to win up to 100k PLN for the realization of your MVP.


Why participant in PitchMeBaby

Apply now for our 2023 startup programme and be part of the big conference Ways Conf. As a participant, you'll have access to a wide range of benefits.

Gain Exposure

You'll have the opportunity to showcase your brand and products to a large audience of investors, mentors, and potential customers.

Refine Your Pitch:

Receive feedback to enhance your pitch delivery and communication skills. Perfect your business idea presentation.

Access Funding Opportunities

Connect with venture capital firms actively seeking investment.

Validate Your Concept

Get insights and expert opinions to strengthen your business model and market positioning.

Network with Specialists

Join WaysConf conference to meet top experts in the digital product industry.

Entrance to WaysConf

Gain access to WaysConf, a premier conference where you can meet the best specialists in the digital product industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about the Pitch Me Baby contest and participation requirements.

More questions? Reach us at startup@waysconf.com

Who can submit a startup?
Do I need a pitch deck?
How can I win a free MVP development?
Can I submit more than one startup?
Can I have animations/videos in my pitch deck?
How much pitching time do I have?
What is the deadline to send the pitch deck?

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to us on LinkedIn or at


Usually we answer within a few hours, but it can take up to 2-3 business days in more complex case.

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