Showcasing the Best in the Digital Industry

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Sep 4, 2023, 19:00

The WaysConf Awards are back! We're again recognizing the best in Digital Products, from mobile apps, web apps to APIs. Alongside you and our esteemed jury, we're excited to shine a light on this year's pioneering projects. Let's keep shaping our industry's future at the WaysConf Awards!

Participating in WaysConf Awards is free of charge.

Public Choice - Vote!

WaysConf Awards

At the second edition of the WaysConf Awards, we are excited to present three main categories that showcase the diverse aspects of digital product creation: Website, Mobile App, and Desktop & Web App. These categories celebrate excellence in design, technical implementation, and overall product delivery.

In addition to the Jury awards, we are also introducing the Public Choice category, where attendees and the wider digital community will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite projects.Join us as we showcase and honor the remarkable work of talented professionals at the WaysConf Awards. It's a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the passion that drives the digital product industry.

Join us as we showcase and honor the remarkable work of talented professionals at the WaysConf Awards.

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Submit your outstanding website, whether it's a complete new build or just a specific functionality or feature, for a chance to be recognized as the best in its class.

Showcasing exceptional design, user experience, and functionality, we are seeking websites that push the boundaries of digital excellence.

Public Choice - Vote!

What can be submitted?

Personal websites
Business websites
E-commerce websites
Portfolio websites
Innovative user interfaces
Interactive elements
Seamless user journeys
Educational websites
Integration with third-party
And more

Mobile apps

Submit your exceptional mobile app, whether it's a groundbreaking new release or a specific feature or module, for a chance to be honored as the top mobile app of the year.

We are seeking mobile apps that combine seamless user experiences, innovative features, and outstanding performance, setting new standards in the digital landscape.

Public Choice - Vote!

What can be submitted?

Mobile apps :)
Mobile app design guidelines
Unique features or modules
Intuitive user interfaces
Offline capabilities
Integration with APIs and services
Accessibility considerations

Desktop & Web apps

Submit your outstanding desktop or web app, whether it's a comprehensive CRM system, a robust ERP solution, or a powerful dashboard, for a chance to be recognized as the top desktop and web app of the year.

We are seeking applications that deliver seamless user experiences, advanced functionalities, and exceptional performance, revolutionizing the way businesses operate in the digital realm.

Public Choice - Vote!

What can be submitted?

CRM systems
ERP solutions
Hr System
Fintech app
Efficient data management
supply management systems
Customer support
Project management tools
Marketing automation
Amd ,pre

Public Choice Award

Be part of the decision-making process! Cast your vote and help us determine the best project in the industry. The Public Choice Award gives the power to the audience, allowing them to choose their favorite project.

Public Choice - Vote!


Recognizing talented students and entry-level professionals in the digital industry. Showcasing creativity and potential. Be honored as a rising star in the digital world.

Public Choice - Vote!

Who can submit projects to WaysConf Awards?

Projects must have at least a portion created between July 2022 and July 2023, even if the overall project extends beyond this timeframe.

Note: When submitting a project to WaysConf Awards, please ensure that you have obtained the necessary permissions and consent from your customers or clients. You are fully responsible for any non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or legal aspects related to the project. By participating in the awards, you confirm compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Digital Product Creators:

Submit your outstanding digital projects to WaysConf Awards, showcasing your expertise and innovation in the field. Whether you're a designer, developer, researcher, product owner, frontend specialist, or part of a Scrum team, we welcome your submissions.

Individuals and Teams:

Both individuals and teams, including frontend specialists and Scrum teams, can showcase their work at WaysConf Awards. Whether you've worked individually or collaboratively, join us to be recognized for your contributions to the digital product industry.

Released or In Development:

Projects at any stage, whether released or in development, are eligible for submission. We celebrate the diversity of projects and value the innovation and creativity involved in digital product creation.

Professionals and Students:

WaysConf Awards is open to both professionals and students. Whether you're an experienced professional or a passionate student, share your talent and be part of this prestigious event.

Why is it worth it?


Gain recognition and prestige for your outstanding digital project in the industry.

Showcase Your Work

Showcase your skills, creativity, and innovation to a wide audience of industry professionals.

Inspire Others:

Inspire and motivate other digital creators with your innovative and impactful projects, setting new standards in the industry.

Industry Validation

Gain industry validation and build credibility for your work by being recognized by a respected awards program like WaysConf.

Publicity and Exposure

Gain exposure for your project through media coverage, social media promotion, and the WaysConf platform.


Check when the given stages of the WaysConf Awards take place.

3.07- 25.07


This is your time! The Call for Entries for the WaysConf Awards will be open on July 1st. You can count on us and our consultation related to the best possible completion of the application form. ;)

It's time for the intense deliberations of our Jury, which will evaluate the submissions. This evaluation will be independent and anonymous, which means that our experts will not consult with each other about their evaluations. The proper conduct of this stage will be supervised by a voting coordinator, whose role is to ensure that the Jury's voting remains independent and anonymous.

From among the submissions, we will give you the opportunity to award the best project by voting on the website in the Public Choice  Awards category. For the Website, Mobile app & Web app categories, the award will be given by the Jury.

The grand finale and awarding of statuettes to the winning projects in three categories will take place in the evening, after the first day of WaysConf. Admission to the gala is free of charge, so feel free to bring your friends. ;)

21.07- 4.09

Jury’s deliberations


Audience voting


WaysConf Official Gala


Our diverse and experienced jury comprises experts from various backgrounds in the digital product industry. With extensive knowledge and unique perspectives, they will evaluate the submitted projects and select the winners of WaysConf Awards. Trust your project with our exceptional jury panel for a fair and thorough evaluation.

Agnieszka Zygmunt
Agnieszka Zygmunt

Lead UX Researcher at 10Clouds

Aleksandra Dziewulska
Aleksandra Dziewulska

Head of Product Design @Apptension/ Co-founder of House of Product

Arkadiusz Radek
Arkadiusz Radek

Senior Product Designer at ICEYE

Bart Andrzejewski
Bart Andrzejewski

Staff product designer at Affirm

Filip Makowiecki
Filip Makowiecki

Strategy Consultant at e-point SA

Gabriela Baka
Gabriela Baka

Lead UI/UX Designer at Owls Department

Joanna Gierasimiuk
Joanna Gierasimiuk

Senior UX Designer & Researcher at Sparing Digital & Panowie Programiści

Karol Dera
Karol Dera

Product Designer at Tonik

Krzysztof Piskorz
Krzysztof Piskorz

Senior UI/UX Designer at TietoEVRY

Magdalena Ostoja-Chyżyńska
Magdalena Ostoja-Chyżyńska

Founder, CEO at UX GIRL

Marcin Krzanicki
Marcin Krzanicki

Senior UX Designer at Ocado Technology/ Lecturer at AGH and SWPS

Mateusz Madura
Mateusz Madura

Startify, Personal Product Designer

Małgorzata Iwańska
Małgorzata Iwańska

EL Passion, Senior Product Designer

Michał Kurkowski
Michał Kurkowski

COO & Tech Lead at G-Group

Michał Samojlik
Michał Samojlik

Managing Director at Autentika

Miłosz Piróg
Miłosz Piróg

Head of Design at Startup House

Patrycja Picha
Patrycja Picha

Senior Product Designer at Zendesk, Mentor at Design Mentorship

Paweł Konieczko
Paweł Konieczko

UX/UI team leader at mBank SA

Piotr Kohut
Piotr Kohut

Head of Design at XTB

Szymon Michalczyk
Szymon Michalczyk

Product Designer & Team Leader at Tonik

Tom Koszyk
Tom Koszyk

Founder at Hologram/ Digital Products Design & Strategy

Voting system

The Process of Selecting the Best Project


Gathering Submissions

We collect project submissions from talented digital product creators across various categories. This is the starting point where we gather a diverse range of innovative projects.


Evaluation and Selection

Our expert team carefully evaluates each submission, considering various criteria such as creativity, innovation, functionality, and impact. Based on these evaluations, we select the most promising projects to move forward to the next stage.


Jury Assessment and Top Picks

Our esteemed jury members, with their extensive industry experience, independently review and assess the selected projects. They each choose their top five projects in each category, based on their expertise and subjective judgment.


Voting and Final Rankings

The jury votes are tallied, assigning five points to projects that receive a first-place vote, four points to second-place, and so on. We calculate the average points for each project by dividing the total points by the number of jury members who can vote. The projects with the highest average points in each category are recognized as the winners.

Public Choice - Vote!

Official Gala Venue
& Afterparty

Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva
Świętego Wawrzyńca 12,
31-060 Kraków


Join us at our Gala Night to celebrate the WaysConf Awards winners. It's an exclusive gathering for industry leaders to connect, network, and honor the outstanding achievements in the digital product community. Enjoy a relaxed and engaging atmosphere, as we announce the winners and celebrate together.

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