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Product Designer at tonik

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Pickle - how to build an MVP in 2 days?

Long Lecture
Design & No-Code
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🇵🇱 Polish
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We will unveil the behind-the-scenes of a 2-day hackathon when as a group of 5, we created Pickle - our first product built 100% in no-code. We'll explain why we decided to go no-code and how our MVP brought us value in the very first days.

We'll share our experience of implementation in Bubble, Webflow, and Zapier, but we'll also talk about other tools that fell by the wayside. We won't skip mentioning the hidden costs of no-code.

Finally, we'll zoom in on the growing role of no-code in our industry. Most importantly, you'll learn who and what is necessary to build working products without code ;)

I will be accompanied on stage by the team we deployed Pickle with. You will meet Dawid, who used to be in love with WordPress but now carves out websites in Webflow. There will also be Wojtek, who (for the right amount of pizza) can lecture about no-code for half a day. And, of course, Ryszard, whom you'll also see in his presentation on a dedicated thematic path.

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