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Everyone can become a Webflow expert (the truth about mindset, skillset, and how to become Webflow master)


Webflow is a hot topic nowadays, although its marketing is pretty misleading (same as other no-code tools). It's not about web design, or rather, not design-only. It's about development. As long as we can use Webflow for design, true, switching the mindset to development will make us create timeless, effortless and efficient websites. Not only sites that look good and attract the eye.

Let’s talk about best practices and most common mistakes in Low-code development. Let’s decompose no/low-code development mindset, including consulting approach and value–focus (not deliverables).

What you’ll learn is, being able to treat websites as products and tools helping companies reach business goals. Understand how designers and Webflow dev’s see layout, what you have to remember about. How to approach accessibility. Interactions (not only animations). How important it is to spend more time thinking than acting -> for example, how to build comprehensive CMS structures, by starting from information architecture, and more.

See you in September! And let’s talk about how to lead low–code world-wide-web.

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