Paulina Wróblewska

Senior UX Designer at Ocado Technology

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Streamlining UX Design Handoff: Best Practices for Collaboration

UX Design

As a UX designer, your role is critical in shaping exceptional user experiences.

However, the success of your design often hinges on effective collaboration with developers and stakeholders during the handoff process. The "Streamlining UX Design Handoff" workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge to ensure seamless communication, foster collaboration, and deliver clear projects for your team. Whether you're an experienced UX designer or someone new to the field, this workshop offers practical insights and hands-on exercises to optimize your UX design handoff process for better teamwork and help your co-workers estimate future working time correctly.

For whom

Junior/mid level UX designers with basic Figma knowledge


You will need your laptop. Please ensure your battery will be fully charged to enjoy the workshop without interruption. We will work on Figma so please, create your account before the workshop.

Before the workshop, please let us know of any accessibility or inclusion requirements so that we can open the space to you in a way most appropriate to your needs.


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