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Making Complex Systems Easy To Use — State of UX 2024

6h 30m
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How do we manage complex challenges of complex, corporate, enterprise, B2B UX in healthcare, financial systems, monitoring systems, public services, and education? How do we deal with hundreds of nested filters, customizable dashboards, multi-step forms, and sophisticated data grids — and perhaps even make it all work on mobile?

Get ready to dive deep into the world of complex UIs — the world where data density is critical, whitespace is slightly overrated, and experts need a reliable interface to get their daily work done.

In this workshop with Vitaly Friedman, a UX consultant of the European Parliament and Smashing Magazine’s creative lead, you’ll explore pragmatic and practical tactics and strategies to tackle design challenges of corporate environments — with hundreds of real-life examples and the process of how to tackle any challenge that might come your way.

What will attendees learn?

Design a better filtering experience

Boost and refine sorting UX

Manage common autocomplete and search UX issues

Organize and design multi-step forms

Design for third-party integration

Inclusive design for people with disabilities, including colorblindness, ADHD, and more

Design dashboards and data visualisation

Designing better AI experiences

Design with legacy systems and how to approach redesigns

Wade through layers of internal politics

Manage expectations and avoid late changes

Make an impact in legacy-ridden environments

Boost UX in a company with low UX maturity

WORKSHOP lead by

Vitaly Friedman

Creative Lead at Smashing Media AG

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