Dawid Skubisz

head of no-code at tonik

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Agata Miłowska

no-code developer at tonik

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Kacper Murzyn

no-code developer at tonik

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Wojtek Woźniak

no-code ops at tonik

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Launch your side hustle and fall in love with nocode - all in two hours


Heard about the no-code movement, but don’t know where to start? Join us for a two-hour workshop where we’ll guide you through the process of launching your side project using no-code tools, Webflow to be exact.

You’ll be assigned to a group of 4 people with a no-code mentor from tonik. You’ll learn how to efficiently move the design from Figma to Webflow and how to add features like lead-gen, automations, and all the juicy stuff that is needed to kickstart your journey to world domination.

We represent tonik’s no-code team. We’ve had the pleasure of delivering dozens of no-code projects – not just sites, but fully working, profitable products too. We’re on a journey to leverage no-code wizardry to make incredible things happen, and we couldn’t be happier to share our experience with you! 

  • Learn how to build a landing page via Webflow, without having to write code. Learn how to approach a no-code website building process. 
  • Learn how to connect tools to gather emails and add simple automations. Connect with experienced no-code devs. 
  • Learn how to connect tools to gather emails and add simple automations.
  • Connect with experienced no-code devs.
  • Get your landing page built!

For whom

Beginners in no-code development world, designers that are looking for new possibilities

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