Paulina Bednarek

Content designer and strategist | UX writing trainer

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Harmonizing Communication Challenges: Create, Develop and Maintain Content Ecosystem Maps

UX Writing

Feeling overwhelmed by communication chaos? Asking questions in your company that no one knows the answers to? Not sure where to begin? If that sounds familiar, I have a solution for you! Join this workshop and learn how to create content ecosystem maps. They will help you navigate through all the prompts in your organization and understand the relationships between them. Get ready for a substantial dose of practical knowledge! In addition to the typical webinar format (presentation and knowledge sharing), there will be micro-tasks, quizzes, and a Q&A session. This training is designed for experienced UX writers, content strategists, or anyone who simply wants to finally organize communication within their company. Don't wait, jump on board! Training topics:1. Introduction to content ecosystems - definition and benefits2. Stages of working on a content ecosystem map3. Examples of content ecosystem maps4. Mapping tools - what to use and how to use them

For whom

– basic knowledge of a Miro board

– knowledge in the field of UX Writing

– Miro account

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