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From data deluge to user delight: Designing data visualization in IoT apps

02h 45m
119 PLN gross

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Dive into real case studies from IoT products and gain hands-on experience with the process of designing data. During workshop, you will:

- Walk through the data design process and explore differences between metrics, insights, and recommendations.

- Practice how to translate raw data into actionable insights.

- Discover how to select the right data visualization technique and craft accessible charts.

- Plus, we will share tips on how to master the art of balancing user needs, feasibility, and short implementation deadlines.

Are you a designer or project/product manager? Join us, level up your skills and practice designing for data-heavy mobile apps!

WORKSHOP lead by

Somar Mahdi

Senior UX Designer at intent

Małgorzata Maksimowicz

Senior UX Designer & Digital Product Designer at intent

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