Anna SieroŇĄ

UX Researcher at Allegro

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Bet on creativity, or how to take a non-book approach to the research process

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Know your research methods. You should be familiar with conducting in-depth interviews, usability tests, and focus groups. You should know how to design questionnaires, observation sheets, and processes for analyzing data. However, it's important to recognize that adhering strictly to textbook methodologies may not be the only way to gather insights from users and improve product design. In our workshop, we will explore alternative approaches to research that go beyond traditional methods. We will delve into generative techniques for interviews, transforming focus groups into research workshops, and adapting usability tests into contextual interviews. We will also address the challenges of conducting research as a non-native speaker and explore the research possibilities for designers. The only limitation you may encounter is the research topic itself, but everything else can be learned!

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