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Wojtek Dziedzic

Senior Interaction/Product Designer at Brainly


Wojtek is a Senior Product and Interaction Designer at Brainly’s Monetization Team, where he’s responsible for conceptualizing, maintaining, and implementing Brainly’s product monetization strategy. Outside of Brainly, he’s collaborated with third-party clients big and small from various industries such as business consultation, automotive, or university education. As a designer, he specializes in HCI (human-computer interaction) research and design with a strong focus on business analytics and implementation strategies, also dabbling in illustration, brand identity, and motion design.

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Wojtek Dziedzic


Power Talk
Product Strategy

Designing Moments: How to Shape Users' Choices and Behaviors

A single question often lingers throughout any design process: will it work? Often, the short answer is simply – "No." The long answer? "Noooo!" Dissatisfied, we ponder potential improvements in a search for groundbreaking solutions. We turn to bold overarching schemes, 5-year strategies, time-consuming workshops, sprawling customer journey maps or the obvious almighty cure-all of "Do your research!"... but perhaps the answer is so simple it seems insignificant.

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Long Lecture
Design & Business

Always Measure Your Assumptions – Growth Design in Theory and Practice

How to guarantee your product doesn’t just deliver value to its users but also creates value for your business? How to make the right calls confidently and learn from inevitable failures? How to make sure your growth direction will improve the product long-term? During the lecture, we’ll explore a tried-and-tested approach to creating a stable and continuous product development strategy, one which allows you to balance out sweeping changes and moderate adjustments. We’ll examine how to blend design, marketing, programming, and data analytics to rapidly generate and validate ideas that directly grow your business and help inform future decisions.

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Wojtek Dziedzic



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