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Wojciech Łuczkanyn

Analytics Manager at Tidio

I'm an analyst with 5+ years of experience working with SaaS companies from various industries as an employee and also as a consultant. Over the years I’ve been working closely with different teams including product, tech, marketing and CS teams. Currently I lead the team of 7 at Tidio. My goal is to help people from different fields understand how we should use analytics and when we should do so.

Wojciech Łuczkanyn


Power Talk
Product Operations

Who do you fight for? User vs business

It's really hard to escape from a user perspective in the product industry. And there is a proper reason for that - a product without users does not make any sense (obvious, isn't it?). But on the other side, business stakeholders often require results measured as a monetary gain.

During my presentation I would like to tell you:

- how to comprise user and business goals

- what expectations you can have towards your stakeholders

- how you as a product person can prove your impact on the business

Why do I want to talk about it?

I think it's the most common struggle within product teams that I've been working with so far - that they develop the product, but they can't prove that they have improved anything to the business side. I reckon it is truly important to understand the bigger picture between goals structure within an organization to work efficiently. Once you have that you can contribute even more to the business success alongside taking care of users too.

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Wojciech Łuczkanyn



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