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Tomasz Manugiewicz

General Manager @ Grand Parade

Tomasz Manugiewicz is the General Manager of Grand Parade Poland. An engineer at heart. A speaker by passion. He has delivered speeches at the largest European IT conferences, also as a keynote speaker. He has had presentations for brands such as Devoxx Belgium, Agile Tour London, Agile Central Europe, DevDays Europe, and many more. In the IT sector since 2006. He worked as an Engineering Manager and, at the beginning of his path, when he was a Java developer Engineer, He is a co-author of the leadership book "The LiGHT BOOK2”. At the AGH University of Technology, he is a lecturer.

Tomasz Manugiewicz


Power Talk

TDD - Trust Driven Development. How building trust can help removing the gap between Designers and Engineers.

We all know that Software Development Lifecycle can be a complicated process. We are usually good at identifying bottlenecks and we have tools like Value Stream Mapping to visualize them. We are often able to remove some of the berries by adjusting the process itself. There are also some impediments that can only be removed by building trust across teams. During my talk, I will shine the light on how to build trust between these teams, break the silos and make enhance products.

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Tomasz Manugiewicz



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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