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Olga Zelenska

Design Team Lead at Infor Design

About in 1985 in Ukraine, developed her artistic skills in art. School, later studied Urban Planning, after - Domestic Design. Gained her experience in illustration and graphic design, later switched to Visual and Product Design, and finally became a Design Team Lead in Infor Design, driving Figma components library. Basing her everyday work on all uniques experience gained during career, research data and design intuition.

Olga Zelenska


Long Lecture
UI Design

Design system analytics: How to measure the adoption and success of Figma components

Wondering how to use data provided by Figma to measure current state of your designs and lead to better success? How to create KPIs out of component properties? How to make Figma component library analytics helpful in your design work?

We did! Now, we can share with you how we, members of the Infor Design System team, experimented with the Figma metrics to audit and improve our design components library.

Two case studies will demonstrate how we helped improve the success of our design system by translating component properties into KPI to inform design changes and by manipulating Figma analytics to better understand the adoption and usage of components.

No additional plugins were created this work, so any designer who uses Figma can implement similar analytics practices into their workflows to improve their outcomes.

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Olga Zelenska



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