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Maya Shavin

Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft


Maya is Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft, working extensively with JavaScript and frontend frameworks and based in Israel. She founded and is currently the organizer of the VueJS Israel Meetup Community, helping to create a strong playground for Vue.js lovers and like-minded developers. Maya is also a published author, international speaker and an open-source library maintainer of frontend and web projects. As a core maintainer of StorefrontUI framework for e-commerce, she focuses on delivering performant components and best practices to the community.

Maya Shavin


Power Talk

Performant Component through Customization

Most current UI libraries provide great user experience with a vast number of components. But when it comes to heavy customization and non-standard scenarios, especially for E-Commerce, they become hard to manage, scale or even slow down performance. How to create a UI library that provides users the most possible freedom in customizing components, while keeping our performance and scalability to the fullest? How much customization freedom is enough? That's what my talk is about.

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Maya Shavin



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