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Kasia Gruszka

Product Consultant at nomtek

Product Consultant with a passion for exploring growth strategies centered around digital trends and innovation. She's always intrigued by the potential of technology to empower people while preserving their human agency. As a result, she's in constant dialogue with global disruptors to keep up with emerging digital initiatives. Kasia's expertise is highly sought-after in the tech community, and she was invited to share her insights at the prestigious event - Infinity Festival 2022, a Los Angeles-based event that brings together tech enthusiasts from Silicon Valley and the Hollywood industry. Her presentation exhibited her deep understanding of the latest trends and the ability to articulate Web 3.0 concepts in an accessible way. Prior to joining nomtek, Kasia was a growth hacker for an event app start-up. Along with her teammates, she helped take the startup from having no clients to becoming a flourishing company with a client base in more than 40 countries, including Fortune 100/500 companies. Her drive and entrepreneurial spirit were instrumental in the company's success, and she's since applied those same skills to help other organizations achieve their product growth goals.

Kasia Gruszka


Long Lecture
Product Strategy

Knock on effect: how product management translates into business relationships

Welcome to our discussion on stakeholder relationships, where we will explore the crucial role of Product and Account Managers in driving business success. By working together harmoniously, Product and Account Managers can ensure that all product and business goals are aligned and achieved.Product management is essential in shaping business relationships by ensuring that products developed and marketed meet the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders. This has a significant knock-on effect, strengthening business relationships by driving the right outcomes. Account managers are also critical in managing stakeholder expectations, including executives, investors, and business partners. They must understand the big picture and communicate transparently with all stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards the same objectives. Our experience has shown that building honest relationships with clients is vital for achieving business outcomes and delivering the right product outputs. Transparent collaboration between stakeholders, Account and Product Managers is essential for developing lasting relationships and sustainable products. During our discussion, we will draw on real cases from the nomtek digital studio and present insights from both Product and Account Managers' perspectives.Thank you for joining us.

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Kasia Gruszka



September 4-5, 2023
Krakow + online
5th edition

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